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Restore You: A Space to Unwind

I'm going to start this post with a question.. Do you have a clear vision for your life?

For those that answered 'yes', where are you on the journey to making that vision a reality? Have you encountered unexpected twists and turns, but remained flexible and learned the value of 'the pivot' ?

I was about 16 years old when I learned about the importance of having a vision for my life. My youth pastor emphasized not only having a vision but taking it a step further by writing it down. I remember pulling out a notepad and writing down the list of things I'd like to do. Some of the items were easily achieved (job, pager, car, be a camp counselor). The bigger things took faith and planning (marriage, kids, college degree, etc.). As of today, I have accomplished all of the items from that original list except for one. I'm hoping to mark that off my list in the next 2 years! (For the curious souls, it is a medical missions trip). Over the years, my vision has morphed into something bigger than I ever dreamed. There are underlying themes that have remained unchanged.. but the items listed are on a much larger scale than simply getting a pager.

Pursuing your vision is not for the faint of heart. I have experienced setbacks, trials, self-doubt, distraction, and even clouded judgement. Y'all know what I'm talking about? That clear view you thought that you had.. the 'perfect' vision of what was "supposed to happen".. and then something unexpected happens and you wonder if you saw things clearly at all?

The picture below is one I took the first time I saw Mount McKinley (now known as Denali). It was a clear day and the view was incredible. This pic was taken in May, 2021.

The next picture was taken in July, 2022. There was cloud cover that impeded my vision of Denali. I strained my eyes in an attempt to visualize the mountain in all of its glory but couldn't.

These pictures serve as a visual example of my point. You have a calling on your life, one that has the ability to touch the lives of others. Each of us have different callings, but they are all important. It will take faith, courage, resilience, growth, strength, and work.. but you can decide to accomplish your vision, despite the factors that block your view! Don't allow unexpected twists and turns discourage you from pursuing your vision. Sometimes pivoting leads you to something better than you first imagined. Other times, pivoting is a way of keeping you from doing something that ultimately was not for you. Just remember, you CAN do this! Take each day one step at a time. :)

Be Blessed,


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